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European Tour November 16-25

Rope Cosmetology embarked on their first tour of Europe in April 2009. The two-year production of Honey Fox and the members’ hectic recording and touring schedules with their various projects prevented a second tour until this year. The group will reconvene in Hannover, Germany for the start of their 2012 tour, and travel through Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands (and possibly other nations) during the forthcoming trek.

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Technical Rider / Hospitality Rider

Very simple. D.I. boxes for Tim (2) and Balazs. Drum miking for Balazs and Ryan. Sax and vibraphone mics for Feri. Four-track mixer for Tom. Vocal mics for Tom, Tim and Feri. No backline necessary.
Hospitality: vegan cuisine, water, beer, a bottle of single malt scotch (Oban is our fave), and towels (we get wet).

Rope Cosmetology European Tour 2012

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