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The Winter Equinox – and days getting longer


So on the shortest day of the year we launch the new rope cosmetology site, full of bitter chill and hopeful tequila. Being scattered on two continents this holiday season finds Tom (our expatriate crooner) spelunking up and down the East Coast on a Stateside holiday (with better half Claudia). Luckily the stars really have aligned, and he and Ryan are doing a show in Ryan’s hometown of Richmond, VA –  uhm –  tonight. Should you happen to be the lucky person in that corner of the globe tonight, please stop in to share sonic goodness and from the looks of it, some vegetarian food - Strange Matter.

Meanwhile, halfway around the world Balazs beats furiously away on something (anything!) and Feri is fixing holes where the snow gets in.

Here in balmy Los Angeles, I find myself pondering the changing of worn-out bass strings, the dangers of LA traffic and the perplexing reason for the bad xmas music stuck in my head. It’s along night ahead, but they are getting shorter.

Oh, we are working on the mixing & recordings for the next rope release. Tracks have been submitted for editorial. Soon, soon.


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